Sunday, October 23, 2016
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Mercedes-Benz's "Surfs Up: From NYC to Montauk with the E-Class"



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What happens when Mercedes-Benz hands over the keys for its 2014 E-Class to legendary East Coast surfers Mikey DeTemple and Tripoli Patterson? GOODCOMPANY director Aaron Platt and EP/Co-founder Jonathan Lia helmed a crew that captured the epic excursion from NYC to Montauk . The film premiered on the home pages of and mb! on November 25th.

Client: Mercedes-Benz
Arendt van Deyk, Head of Digital Brand Communication; Benjamin Schwarz, Project Manager
Agency: Fischer Appelt
Chris Wessner-Griesemann, Executive Producer

Production Company: GOODCOMPANY & Kippenberger
Director: Aaron Platt
Executive Producers: Jonathan Lia & Chris Kippenberger

Music by: Wildcat! Wildcat! "Garden Greys"


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