Saturday, May 27, 2017
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  • Mystic Timbers at Kings Island


    Creative studio Carbon has teamed up with agency Cramer-Krasselt to bring mesmerizing, exhilarating visual flair that ref

    By: whitehouse

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    Mystic Timbers at Kings Island

    1 day ago 


  • 2C Takes New MINI Countryman on a Photographic Adventure with Natio...


    To marry the National Geographic and MINI Countryman brands, uniting them organically around their target consumers’ shared passion for adventure photography

    By: Kristien Brada-...

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    2C Takes New MINI Countryma...

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  • "2017 Detroit Lions Uniform Reveal"

    The Detroit Lions set out to reveal their new uniforms to the world in spectacular fashion. Together with Cutters Studios, they created and produced an event like no other. Our concept was part event, part art installation. We built a massive geometric lion head sculpture as the centerpiece to the immersive experience. Our teams first modeled the head in Maya and then built and animated all of the projection maps in Cinema 4D. Finally, we composited everything in After Effects. To help visualize the whole show for approvals, we built a scale scene in 3D as well.

    By: DWAgency

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    "2017 Detroit Lions Un...

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  • Hands Of Humanity


    Writer/Director Josh Miller and real-life hand model Erich Lane are back for a new episode of “Handy,” the branded content series seen on Comedy Central that offers a comedic take on the day-to-day travails of a working hand model trying to make it in hyper-competitive Hollywood. The latest episode, which premiered on Saturday, May 13, finds Lane’s character, Erik Thomas Layne, plying his craft on set of a commercial for Sabra Hummus, who sponsored the episode.

    By: Right Word Media

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    2 days ago 

    Hands Of Humanity

    2 days ago