Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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R/GA, Director Steve Miller, Kevin Spacey Team On "Accents" For E*Trade


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Jan. 25, 2016


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Since E*Trade is about seizing opportunity, spokesman Kevin Spacey says he’s going off script in this spot and proceeds to seize varied artistic opportunities by portraying different characters--replete with distinctive accents and dialects--in rapid fire succession.

Steve Miller of directed the ad, entitled “Accents,” for agency R/GA, New York.


Client E*Trade Agency R/GA, NY Nick Law, global chief creative officer; Taras Wayner, SVP, executive creative director; Michael Lowenstern, VP, digital advertising; Lee Margolis, creative director; Steve Giraldi, Peter Unger, associate creative directors; Kat Friis, group director, film production; Brian Schierman, sr. producer. Production Steve Miller, director; Frank Scherma, Gregg Carlesimo exec producers; Frank Dituri, head of production; Matt O’Shea, line producer; Igor Martinovic, DP. Editorial Cutting Room, NY Merritt Duff, editor; Megan Katuran, assistant editor; Melissa Lubin, exec producer. Music JSM, NY Joel Simon, chief creative officer/composer; Neil Jason, composer; Nathan Kil, composer/sound design; Jeff Fiorello, exec producer. Telecine Company 3, NY Tim Masick, colorist. Postproduction Light of Day, NY Colin Stackpole, exec producer; Pete DeAndrea, Flame artist. Audio Sonic Union, NY Michael Marinelli, audio engineer; Justine Cortale, sr. producer.



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