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Pier 1 Imports' "Candles"


Tuesday, Jul. 25, 2006


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Pier 1's "Candles" shows candles of multiple shades rotating on a chartreuse backdrop.  "Winter has white." is written in white over the vibrant candles.  A close-up shot of the candles leads to a new message, "Spring gets everything else."  A voiceover says, "get everything you need for spring.  Pier 1, life more interesting."


Agency: Deutsch | New York Executive Creative Director, Kathy Delaney; Group Creative Director/Copywriter, Bryan Black; Associate Creative Director/Art Director, James Baldi; Senior Copywriter, Nathan Hunt; Director of Broadcast Production, Jim Frame; Senior Producer, Bruce Andreini; Associate Producer, Alison Curtin Production Company: ORDER LLC. Director/DP, Robert Bryant; Executive Producer, Charles Salice; Head of Production, Rika Osenberg; Producer, Julianne Maloney Postproduction: Nice Shoes Colorist, Lez Rudge Visual Effects: The Ebeling Group,Version2 Editing/VFX/Design Director, Lobo; Creative Director, Mateus Santos; Designer/Animator, Marcelo Garcia; Producer, Loic Dubois, Martha Smith; Head of Production, Alexander Dervin,Editor, Tina Mintus; Assistant Editor, Tony Gannon; Managing Director, Linda Rafoss; Executive Producer, Frank Devlin; Producer, Lisa Villamil; Smoke Artist, Tim Farrell; Title design, Mike Mckenna Music: Bang Music Composer, James Leibow; Producer, S

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