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G4's "Bedroom/ Kidney"


Thursday, Jun. 29, 2006


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A guinea pig implores a man to get out of bed and watch G4's block of Midnight Spank programs. The guy explains that he cannot because he's too tired. The animal responds that he will eat the man's other kidney if he doesn't wake up and tune in. The camera reveals a large blood stained splotch on the bed sheet, positioned where the man's first kidney had been.


Agency: BBDO North America, Atmosphere BBDO Eric Silver, creative director; Richard Ardito, art director; Grant Smith, copywriter; Ed Zazzera, producer. Production Company: Kleinman Productions, London. Daniel Kleinman, director; Johnnie Frankel, executive producer; James Hatcher, producer; Dave Ungaro, DP. (Kleinman has since formed London production house Rattling Stick with director Ringan Ledwidge.) Editorial: Final Cut Gary Knight, editor; Stephanie Apt, executive producer; Sonali de Silva, producer. Postproduction: THE MILL, London Tom Poole, colorist Visual Effects: Framestore CFC | London Mindy Dubin, Flame artist Sound Design: Final Cut Terressa Tate, sound designer Audio: Sound Lounge Rob DiFondi, audio mixer

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