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Friday, Feb. 17, 2006


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Director Spike Jonze hits the funny bone with animal actor auditions for via Young & Rubicam, Chicago. We see savvy, veteran thespians who know all the ins and outs of auditioning for a part, and who share those insights with us the only catch is that they aren't human. We find ourselves listening to a cross-section of the animal kingdom a bear, a turtle, a raccoon, an otter and a goose.


Agency: Y & R | Chicago Matt Bijarchi, SVP/director of production; Dave Loew, SVP/creative director; Jon Wyville, SVP/creative director; Ken Erke, VP/creative director/copywriter; Corey Ciszek, SVP/creative director/art director; Mark Figliulo, chief creative officer/art director; Pete Figel, copywriter; Floyd Albee, art director; Kim Mohan, senior producer; and Monica Wilkins, producer. Production Company: MJZ,Animated FX Spike Jonze, director; David Zander and Jeff Scruton, executive producers; Vincent Landay, producer; and Wyatt Troll, DP.,Animation: Dave Nelson, Norman Tempia, Mecki Heussen, Mike Regan, John Alexander and Tom Killean, puppeteers.
Editorial: Spot Welders Inc. Eric Zumbrunnen and Stephen Berger, editors; David Glean, executive producer; and Heather Kojima, post producer. Postproduction: The Filmworkers' Club, Chicago Jeff Charatz, online editor; Kathy Hurley, post producer; Charlie Langrall, technical director; and Michael Mazur, colorist. Visual Effects: Edge

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