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ESPN's NFL Shows Rebrand


Big Block
Tuesday, Sep. 23, 2014


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Big Block Design Group (BBDG) and ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports coverage, recently unveiled a stunning rebrand of ESPN’s entire lineup of NFL shows, the network’s most valuable franchise. An epic project with over 1,000 deliverables, this new package of NFL graphics, show opens and team logos, teasers and interstitials will display BBDG-created content to inform and entertain fans across all screens for ESPN’s weekly NFL shows. In a close collaboration, BBDG and ESPN’s in-house creative team developed a heroic new look for Sunday NFL Countdown, ESPN’s flagship show, and extended that visual language for NFL Insiders, NFL Live, NFL PrimeTime, NFL Matchup and Week in Review. The rebrand debuted with the opening of the 2014 NFL Season.

SPW Credits

Project: ESPN NFL Rebrand

Vice President, Creative Services: Rick Paiva
Senior Creative Director: Chris Mantzaris
Art Director: Lucas Nickerson
Lead Animator: Dale Harney
Design Assistant: Matthew Bernabeo

Big Block
Managing Director: Kenny Solomon
Creative Directors: Shaun Collings & Curtis Doss
Art Directors: Philipp Bichsel & Fabian Garzon
Executive Producer: Pete King
Producer: Troy Miller
Production Coordinators: Tiffany Dickerson, Natasha Sattler
VFX Supervisor: Randall Smith
Designers: Grant Hoki, Marcelo Petrella, Oliver Scott, Sisa Quadros, Brian Phan, Josh Childers, John Hwang, Daniel Onassis, Paul Yeh
Animators: Ricky Elizondo, Jon Lorenz, Aziz Dosmetov, Mark Feldman, David Park, Aaron Evans, Adam Smith
3D Artists: Nick Tolve, Juan Carlos, Barrett Meeker, Samuel Baese
Z-Brush Artists: Dan Crossland, Jason Ahn
Concept Artists: Dakota Warren, Daniel Lim
CTO: Albert Soto

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