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Director Tyler Sharp joins Reel FX
Tyler Sharp
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Digital studio Reel FX Dallas/Santa Monica has signed director Tyler Sharp for U.S. commercial representation. Sharp is a director, photographer, writer and creative director specializing in Americana/Western lifestyle, adventure, and sporting life documentary. Splitting his time between Texas, Montana, and East Africa, he is also a contributor to the Filson Life Blog, Garden & Gun, Modern Huntsman, Covey Rise and Texas Highways Magazine. His passion for exploration and ceaseless fascination for capturing authentic moments is evident across his documentary and branded film work, as well as his photography.

A Texas native, Tyler attended USC in Los Angeles, where he studied photography, film, psychology and Italian. His first photography gig out of college was in Tanzania, Africa, where he lived off the grid for six months filming and photographing safaris, and ignited a passion for finding the last frontiers. This newfound desire for adventure, combined with his passion for the outdoors, led Sharp to spend several years filming for various TV shows for the Travel, Outdoor and Sportsman Channels, taking him to over 30 countries, and on countless adventures.