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Rodney DeMeglio promoted to editor at charlieuniformtango
Rodney DeMeglio
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Lola Lott, charlieuniformtango principal/CEO, announced that the company has promoted Rodney DeMeglio to editor. 

DeMeglio, who joined charlieuniformtango in 2004 as an intern, was most recently working as an assistant editor.

“Once on board at tango, my interest in editing and film grew into a passion that helped propel me into a senior assistant editing position, and finally to editor. This is a long term goal of mine,” said DeMeglio. “I’m very excited and grateful for the opportunity to continue to grow.”

DeMeglio has edited projects for shops like The Richards Group, TM, Publicis, Firehouse, 3Headed Monster, The Marketing Arm, and Lucky & Co. Clients include Charles Schwab, Home Depot, Chick-fil-A, American Airlines, GameStop, Frito-Lay, Wyffels, Texas Health, and Zales.

DeMeglio, a drummer, toured with the band The Calicoes for several years and played in a few local bands prior to joining tango. “Deedle LaCour and I played in our first band together when we were teenagers and have always remained close friends,” he said. “Years later after Deedle joined tango, he kept saying how much he loved working there as an editor. When he needed an assistant, I interviewed. Editing to me is a way to see things from different perspectives. I like to try new ideas until I can ultimately say I’ve found the best possible story. Hopefully in doing that, I can stir something inside of someone by engaging them and getting a reaction through visual storytelling.”

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