Thursday, October 27, 2016
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Director Jamie Rafn, BBDO NY Team On Father's Day Dream For American Family Insurance


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Jun. 16, 2016


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With Father’s Day on Sunday, American Family Insurance is releasing a digital long-form film that tells the story of a dad supporting his son’s dream in an unexpected way. Jamie Rafn of Smuggler directed this piece in which a dad buys his son a judo outfit and lessons so he can become stronger, build inner confidence, and defend himself if need be against bullying taunts of classmates. While the lad isn’t initially enthused over the prospects of judo, he begins to warm up to the training. The martial arts instruction serves its intended purpose, enabling the dad to buy another outfit more in line with a long-held dream of his son.

This online film is the latest entry in American Family Insurance’s ongoing “Insure carefully, dream fearlessly” campaign. By affording his son the proper protection, the father enables his boy to pursue something he might not have been able to easily realize otherwise.


Client American Family Insurance Agency BBDO New York David Lubars, chief creative officer, worldwide; Greg Hahn, chief creative officer, NY; Susan Golkin, Michael Aimette, executive creative directors; Eric Goldstein, sr. creative director; Lance Vining, Gary DuToit, creative directors; Becky Burkhard, sr. producer; Mike Ritchie, assistant producer; Rani Vaz, music producer. Production Smuggler Jamie Rafn, director; Drew Santarsiero, exec producer; Alex Waite, line producer; Andrij Parekh, DP. Editorial Cosmo Street Editorial Paul Hardcastle, editor; Nellie Phillips, assistant editor; Maura Woodward, exec producer; Anne Lai, producer. Postproduction MPC Mark Gethin, telecine artist; Adina Birnbaum, exec producer; Adrienne McNeary, producer; Jonathan McKee, Elijah Lamond, Leslie Chung, conform artists; Bindy St. Leger, producer. Graphic Design Suspect Rob Appelblatt VFX MPC Aleks Djordjevic, VFX supervisor; Vamsi Krisna Reddy, rotoscoping; Camila De Biaggi, exec producer; Bindy St. Leger, Aiste Akelaityte, producers. Music Beacon Street Studios Andrew Feltenstein, composer; Leslie DiLullo, producer. Audio Post Sonic Union Mike Marinelli, engineer; Justine Cortale, producer. Stock Footage/Video shot by Koji Yahagi; Mike Gentile, producer. Stock Music Universal/EVO (publisher) Stock track: “El Diablo Baby”

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