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Bensimon Byrne Creates "5th Season" for Scotiabank


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Sep. 7, 2016


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The idea behind Canadian agency Bensimon Byrne’s “The 5th Season” campaign for Scotiabank--now in its third year--is simple: Mother Nature gives us four seasons, but in Canada—where hockey is part of national tradition--there’s one more. The 5th Season is the hockey season, and there’s no other time of year like it. It’s why Scotiabank supports over 8,000 community teams across Canada. 

As a sponsor of this year’s World Cup of Hockey, Scotiabank wanted to give Canadians something truly stirring. After all, more than 150 of the best players in the NHL will participate this month, and Canadians will never feel more connected to the game. 
So Bensimon Byrne tapped into a hockey truth: the 5th Season is when kids dream big. They dream about donning a red and white Team Canada jersey; dream about the thunder of 18,000 roaring fans; dream about the greatest hockey moments just waiting to happen. 

Using kids, “Hockey Dreams” perfectly recreates some of the sport’s most celebrated goals—from Bobby Orr, Lanny McDonald, Mario Lemieux and Paul Henderson.

Gary Freedman from Glue Society, via Toronto-based production house OPC, directed “Hockey Dreams” for which no actors were cast. Instead kids were cast who love to play hockey--and who dream big about their exploits on ice.


Client Scotiabank Agency Bensimon Byrne Joseph Bonnici, executive creative director/partner; Gints Bruveris, David Mueller, associate creative directors; Matthew Valenzano, writer; Cam Hopkins, art director; Michelle Pilling, producer. Production OPC Gary Freedman, director; Stephane Fontaine, DP; Harland Weiss, exec producer; Matt MacLennan, line producer. Editorial Saints Ross Birchall, editor; Nancy Gidman-Latorraca, assistant editor; Stephanie Hickman, exec producer. Online The Vanity Postproduction Alter Ego Eric Whipp, colorist. Audio Grayson Matthews

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