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British Airways' "Olympics--Home Advantage"


Friday, Aug. 10, 2012


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Framestore London handled the effects for this spot in which we see a Boeing 777-200 piloted through the streets of London. This road trip from Heathrow to the Olympic stadium, taking in London's best sites and sights along the way, underscores that the Summer Games indeed offer a home advantage to folks in the U.K. Michael Geoghegan of Partizan directed for BBH London.


Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London Natalie Parish, producer. Production Company: Partizan Michael Geoghagen, director; David Stewart, producer. Visual Effects: Framestore CFC | London Russell Dodgson, VFX supervisor; Robert Kolbeins, CG supervisor; Steve Townrow, animation; Tim Osbourne, Savneet Nagi, Mark Beardall, Avtar Bains, Chris Redding, George Roper, Flame artists; Rob Harrington, Mary Swinnerton, Robert Nzengou-Tayo, Adam Smith, Jonathan Seymour, Jabed Khan, Paul Jones, Steve Townrow, Colin West, 3D; Vanessa DuQuesnay, Jason Phua, Jonni Isaacs, Nuke; Katie Isaksen, Jack Fisher, Sherrine Byfield, Alex Gooding, Rachel Gregson, roto; Abby Orchard, sr. producer; Liz Oliver, assistant producer; Simon Bourne, colorist.

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