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Top Spot of the Week: Beringer's "Vineyard"


Monday, Nov. 19, 2007


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A stop motion paper animation tour de force starts out on a single tree that grows from a bud and bears bunches of grapes. From there, rows and rows of trees blossom, placing us in a vineyard which yields another paper creation--a Beringer label affixed to a bottle of wine.


Agency: Publicis & Hal Riney Roger Camp, chief creative officer; Dave Verhoef, director of integrated production; Rich North, art director; Adam Koppel, copywriter; Sara Krider, producer. Production Company: Paranoid U.S. Olivier Gondry, director; Philiip Detchmendy, Claude Letessier, executive producers; Cathleen O'Conor, head of production; Richard Berman, producer; Neil Shapiro, DP; Len Burge, Mike Mayfiueld, Ben Zelkowitz, Sam Winkler, Emile Gondry, animators; Su Blackwell, paper artist. Editorial: Paranoid U.S. Olivier Gondry, editor; Michael Moretti, additional editor. Postproduction: Buf Thibault Debadeye, Flame artist; Vanessa Fourgeaud, producer. Visual Effects: Paranoid U.S. Olivier Gondry, visual effects lead artist; Christine Schneider, producer. Music: Mophonics Brad Breeck, composer. Audio: Eleven Jeff Fuller, mixer.

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