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Pepsi's "Pinball"


Thursday, Jul. 19, 2007


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A young man pops open a Pepsi, at which point a huge Pepsi logo pinball runs him over, picking him up as a passenger as he bounces all about through the streets of San Francisco. The wild ride ends up in a stadium; the electronic scoreboard there lights up with the ominous message that he's earned an extra ball. Sure enough, another large pinball appears to whisk him away. The spot concludes with the Pepsi logo on a can, accompanied by the slogan, "More happy."


Agency: BBDO New York David Lubars, Bill Bruce, chief creative officers; Don Schneider, executive creative director; Brad Roseberry, creative director/copywriter; John Leu, creative director/art director; Amy Wertheimer, executive producer; Loren Parkins, executive music producer. Production Company: Partizan Traktor, director; Matt Libatique, DP. Editorial: Lost Planet Paul Martinez, editor. Visual Effects: Method Alex Frisch, lead 2D vfx artist/visual effects shoot supervisor; Laurent Ledru, CG creative director; Gil Baron, CG technical supervisor/visual effects shoot supervisor; Alex Kolasinski, Andrew Eksner, Jake Montgomery, Kyle Obley, 2D vfx artists; Chi-Wei Hsu, Chris Smallfield, James LeBlock, Matt Wheeler, Seong Joon Lee, 3D vfx artists; Andrew Bell, technical director; Casey Schatz, visual effects shoot supervisor, previsualization; Neysa Horsbaugh, visual effects executive producer; Sue Troyan, head of production; Rich Rama, visual effects producer.

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