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iWork: Little deviants


Wednesday, Jul. 18, 2007


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Recently, to launch the campaign for the new Scion XD�which also includes a minisite, print ads and guerilla marketing�targeted moviegoers saw an animated :60 in-cinema ad entitled "Fable of the Deviants," underscoring the xD's non-conformist personality. In the ad, produced by bicoastal Shilo, the "Book of Deviants" opens and introduces audiences to a bland, colorless world inhabited by boring sheeple, conformist clones who paint the world and its inhabitants gray. The xD rides into town unleashing little deviants to take down the sheeple.


Agency: ATTIK Simon Needham, group creative director, Wayne Hanson, creative director; Greg Coffin, art director; Michael Brenner, copywriter; Robert Karns, retoucher; Michele Morris, senior producer; Jay Cortez, producer; Charlie Adams, account director; Andy Giles, senior account manager Production Company: Shilo Jose Gomez / Andre Stringer, creative directors; Shilo, director; Jose Gomez, Tom Green, lead design; Cody Smith, lead 3D design and animation; Billy Maloney, Nate Davies, Blake Guest, 3D animation; Kiel Figgins, Chris Mead, Jorma Auburn, Bren Wilson, Christopher Adams, Richard Lico, Dax Pallotta, Joe Jones, character animation; Jose Gomez, Tom Green, Jon Wu, Marco Giampaolo, compositors; Mike Goubeaux, editor; Jake Hibler, producer; Tracy Chandler, Santino Sladavic, executive producer Visual Effects: Lola VFX, Santa Monica,Method Thomas Nittman, VFX/Flame Supervisor; Edson Williams, VFX/Flame Artist ,Siggy Ferstl, colorist; Rhubie Jovanov, executive producer Music: Face the

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