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iWork: Specialized Bike Components' "Happy Entrails"


Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2006


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In a departure from its traditional print advertising, Specialized Bicycles is inviting customers to the "ride-in" movies. With the help of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, the company has launched a new Web site, www.specialized, dedicated to films featuring various bike models. Because Specialized is such a hip brand, it made perfect sense to Rich Silverstein, founding partner of GS&P and one of the creative directors for the films, to have advertising that could be a part of popular culture, which these days includes YouTube and Google Videos.


Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Rich Silverstein, Steve Simpson, creative directors; Bob Winter, associate creative director; Kevin Jordan, Jason Warne, art directors (�Outlaw in Lycra,� �Happy Entrails�); Aaron Dietz, art director (�Happy Entrails�); Nick Prout, Spencer Riviera, copywriters (�Outlaw in Lycra,� �Happy Entrails�); Mandy Dietz, copywriter (�Happy Entrails�); MJ Otto, producer; Britt Backouz, account manager Production Company: Teak Motion Visuals,Blind, Inc. Teak Motion Visuals, San Francisco (�Outlaw in Lycra�)
Dave Laden, director; Greg Martinez, executive producer; Raul Avila, production manager; Lou Weinert, DP.,Blind, Inc., Santa Monica (�Happy Entrails�)
Tom Koh, director/creative director/designer/illustrator/2D & 3D animator; Santino Sladavic, executive producer; Amy Knerl, producer; Bill Sneed, Joseph Chan, designers/illustrators; Jason Kim, 2D/3D animator; Joseph Chan, 2D animator; Lawrence Wyatt, 3D animator. Editorial: Teak Motion Visuals (�Outlaw in Lycra�)

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