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The Best Work You May Never See: Kawasaki's "Office"


Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2006


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A spokesperson said that before releasing its Brute Force all-terrain vehicle, Kawasaki wanted to run the ATV past corporate. At that moment, drivers literally do just that, motoring the vehicles through an office building, creating havoc.  Leaving behind a shell of an office, the ATVs move on. The spokesman concludes, "I think that's a thumbs-up from corporate."


Agency: O�Leary & Partners Deidre McQuaide, executive creative director; Rob Pettis, creative director; Dave Huerta, Kevin Lukens, art directors
Production Company: Backyard,Circle Productions Nick Piper, director; Blair Stribley, Eriks Krumins, executive producers; Peter Steinzig, head of production; Danielle Lovett, producer; Jeff Cutter, DP.,Tom Murray, executive producer; Mike Gill, production manager, Kristian Jorgensen, production coordinator Editorial: Cake Rick Lobo, editor; Tatiana Derovanessian, executive producer; JP Patterson, producer; Jarred Buck, assistant editor Postproduction: Technicolor | Vancouver Thor Roos, colorist Audio: Peligro Music and Sound Design Greg Kuehn, audio post mixer/sound designer


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