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Ace Hardware's "Grass"


Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2006


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This ACE Hardware spot parodies home improvement shows. "Grass" finds a homeowner returning from a trip to Ace Hardware with products he intends to use to fix his lawn. As he exits his car, a crew from Shortcutz, descends upon him, and the host insists that he can give this guy a new green lawn. By spot's end, he has a spray painted lawn. Use products from ACE if you want the job done right.


Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Jeff Goodby, creative director/principal; Bob Winter, copywriter; Steve Mapp, art director; Tod Puckett, executive producer. Production Company: Hungry Man, Inc Bryan Buckley, director; Scott Henriksen, DP; Stephen Orent, partner/executive producer; Dan Duffy, executive producer; Caroline Gibney, head of production; Tom Rossano, staff producer; Kevin Byrne, producer; Steve Ruggieri, production supervisor. Shot on location in Los Angeles. Editorial: MacKenzie Cutler Ian Mackenzie, editor; Jimmy Hayhow, Smoke artist; John Geehreng, assistant Smoke artist. Visual Effects: Ntropic Jimi Simmons, Matt Tremaglio and Cole Schreiber, Flame artists. Music: Peligro Music and Sound Design Greg Kuehn, creative director/composer/sound designer; Jonnie LoFranco, executive producer. Sound Design: ripe sound,Peligro Music and Sound Design Andy Newell, sound designer.,Greg Kuehn, creative director/composer/sound designer; Jonnie LoFranco, executive pro

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