Maverick.NYC, a New York based production company and content studio, has just released “Nicolet’s Story,” their new short film for The Global Fund – an organization that mobilizes and invests nearly $4 billion (US) a year to accelerate the end of to AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. The film stars the award-winning German actor Diane Kruger (“Troy,” “National Treasure”) and was directed by the duo of Greg Hardes and Jacob Proud.

“Nicolet’s Story” is aimed at drawing attention to the disproportionate and devastating impact HIV is having on adolescent women and girls, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, where in some countries, women can be up to five times more likely to contract the virus than their male peers.

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The five-minute piece doesn’t just focus on the struggles of those affected by the disease; it also delivers a message of empowerment and opportunity. Together, The Global Fund ( and Maverick.NYC ( have created a documentary that reports the real possibility of ending the AIDS epidemic for good, while recognizing the important link between education and health. 

The production of “Nicolet’s Story” took place just outside Cape Town. In South Africa, more than 2,000 young women and girls are infected with HIV every week. Maverick.NYC’s production team captured the incredibly inspiring focus of the film, Nicolet Oliphant – an HIV positive single mother – as she met and shared her experiences with Diane.

Nicolet was just 14 when she was first pressured into having sex with her boyfriend, who was six years older than her. Unaware he was HIV positive, Nicolet contracted the disease. The film confronts this reality – a story that mirrors that of thousands of young women just like her. It's a story of survival, one that needs to be told so other young girls can better protect themselves and have a chance of a healthier future.

“Greg and Jacob’s first challenge was to break the stereotype of how these films normally look,” explains Maverick.NYC Executive Producer Brad Johns. Working closely with Director of Photography Josh Mckie, the directors decided to shoot the entire film on the Red Dragon in 6K, Johns adds, using brand new Cooke Anamorphic lenses to elevate it visually above anything they’d seen before in this category. 

“With a limited budget, we pulled together an expert team with the common goal of telling Nicolet’s story in an engaging and cinematic documentary style,” Johns continues. “We think the resulting film takes viewers on a journey that helps them understand one of our generation’s greatest challenges and opportunities of our generation: ending the AIDS epidemic. It’s a touching account of Nicolet’s strength and determination to enlighten and inspire those around her.”

The Global Fund “Nicolet’s Story” Credits
Directors: Greg Hardes and Jacob Proud
Producer: Brad Johns
DP: Josh Mckie
Sound: Matt Hansell
Production Assistant: George Marks
Editor: Lucie Fournaison
Post Producer: Claire Lifford
Colorist: John Dobson
Compositor: Michela Bruno
Sound Design: Dom Boucher
Art Director: Steve Ridgeway
Account Manager: Elspeth Groundwater

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