The next generation of farmers is here. Agency Martin Williams’ latest work for client Syngenta captures the sense of purpose embodied by young ambition. Martin Williams partnered with Lucky 21 directing duo The Chartrands to craft a cinematic brand spot, a 60-second film centered on the heartland that features children as symbols of America’s next generation of farmers ushering growth and innovation from the pastoral landscape.

Syngenta provides seeds for farmers, flower and vegetable growers, and makes products to protect those seeds, from planting all the way through harvest. It is the unseen backbone of the farm and the brand film unfolds with a tale of the land and those that cultivate it.

Prior to filming, the agency creative team and The Chartrands recorded the project’s voiceover, narrated by the young farmers. “The kids immediately understood their metaphoric roles,” notes Marc Chartrand, “It was compelling to see how this manifested from recording the script to filming each scene.” Visually, The Chartrands composed epic vistas, with stylized shots and the elements that are at the heart of a farm. They employed an Octocopter for highly controlled aerial sequences, and vintage anamorphic lenses for stylized details. Light and the land were central characters throughout the piece.

“Working with Marc and Mel was a delight,” says Eric Schlauch, Copywriter, Martin Williams Advertising. “From the first call to the final shot, we could sense that they had incredible passion for the project. Having two directors working together with a clear vision was a bonus. They brought a great visual style to the piece and went above and beyond in more ways than we can count. We'd happily shoot with them in the future.”

“The agency placed a lot of trust in us, and allowed us to explore techniques to produce this unique mood and aesthetic,’ comments Melanie Chartrand. “We were united in a desire to create a piece that stood out, with a lyrical rhythm in between the images and words.”

“We didn’t have the time for extensive rehearsals or many takes,” adds Marc Chartrand, “but everyone – from the children to our amazing crew– gave it their all in this incredibly bucolic setting.”