Stellar Motion Pictures, LLC is bringing its highly controversial documentary feature, “The Principle,” to moviegoers in select cities beginning January 23rd. “The Principle” is the first-ever film devoted to examining and questioning a widely accepted scientific concept that has defined mankind’s place in the cosmos: The Copernican Principle.

Conventional wisdom dictates that the idea of Earth being at the center of the universe is a holdover from an ancient, superstitious age.  Modern science has, for centuries, maintained that the human species is nothing special in the context of the cosmos. “The Principle” re-examines and challenges that assumption.

Featuring commentary from the leading minds in cosmology and physics, including George Ellis, Michio Kaku, Julian Barbour, Lawrence Krauss, and Max Tegmark, The Principle," brings to light astonishing new scientific observations challenging the Copernican Principle.  The film explores, from all sides, the question of Earth’s station in the universe and whether it could, in fact, have a unique importance among planets.  Astonishing results from recent large-scale surveys of our visible Universe disclose surprising evidence of a preferred position in the cosmos, aligned with our supposedly insignificant Earth. 

“This film may become renown as one of the most controversial documentaries ever made,” said Writer/Producer Rick Delano. “It’s already inspired tempestuous debate, and that’s before anyone has even seen the film. We’re bringing new scientific evidence to the table that challenges a 400 year-old worldview, and we encourage people to decide for themselves what these new revelations mean.”

“The Principle” will begin showing in Burbank, CA, Orange, CA, Spokane, WA, on January 23rd, with additional markets opening in the weeks following. The movie is distributed by Rocky Mountain Pictures.

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