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Street Talk for June 30, 2017
Alex Nohe of Blood Sweat Honey

Hungry Man is launching Andrew Chaplin as a solo director. He had previously been half of a directorial duo, having been teamed with Lucy Forbes, who too is now being repped individually by Hungry Man. Now instead of handling the duo, Hungry Man now handles the two solo helmers worldwide for spots and branded content. Chaplin has been busy working on the new sitcom Game Face for UK Channel 4, which was commissioned after the pilot episode aired in 2014 and received critical praise. Written by and starring the comic wonder-woman Roisin Conaty, the new series is due to air this July with six 30-minute episodes. In August, Chaplin will resume filming the third season of BBC’s acclaimed comedy thriller Witless, about two women who enter a witness protection program after seeing a gangland shooting. It stars the farcical female double act of Kerry Howard and Zoe Boyle....

Film industry veterans Jeff Dowd and Alex Nohe have launched Blood Sweat Honey, a comprehensive consulting agency specializing in providing strategic counsel to indie filmmakers. The new venture offers such services as producer representation, film festival strategy, script and postproduction creative consulting, theatrical release, hybrid distribution and marketing. Dowd has been prominent in the indie film circuit for more than 45 years. A writer, exhibitor, distributor, film festival director, producer and producer’s representative – as well as a founding member of the Sundance Institute and Sundance Film Festival – Dowd is a nationally recognized authority on scriptwriting, marketing, distribution and exhibition. He has consulted on a diverse array of films, including Blood Simple, The Black Stallion, Chariots of Fire, Ghandi, War Games, Hoosiers, Desperately Seeking Susan, Kissing Jessica Stein, The Blair Witch Project and Neil Young’s Heart of Gold. Currently, Dowd and colleagues are evolving storytelling, media and activism with the interactive transmedia series Our Classic Tales that Fuel Our Future, which will launch this fall. Nohe is a film distributor, filmmaker and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of executive and management experience in the film business with broad-based expertise and relationships with talent agencies, managers, publicity firms, festival programming, event producing, film production, postproduction, marketing and theatrical distribution. Most recently, Nohe was a partner in Circus Road Films where he helped shepherd more than 100 films into distribution.  Prior to that, he ran the theatrical distributor Walking Shadows. Nohe has worked with some of the world’s most noteworthy filmmakers, including Christopher Nolan on Following, Don Coscarelli on Bubba Ho-Tep and Bill Condon on Gods & Monsters--assisting with representation, distribution and box office performance....