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  • Wednesday, Jun. 8, 2016
Bill Wadsworth To Head Concept-To-Completion Content Agency Synchrony
Ben Casey, CEO of Spinifex (l), and Bill Wadsworth, CEO of Synchrony Studios.
New venture is a business unit within Project-owned Spinifex
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Bill Wadsworth has exited MindOverEye, the creative content studio he founded 15 years ago, to launch a business unit within Los Angeles-based Spinifex Group called Synchrony Studios that is a state-of- the-art concept-to- completion content agency able to deliver new and relevant ideas to clients.

Synchrony Studios was born following many successful collaborations between Project-owned Spinifex and Wadsworth that proved to seamlessly marry Spinifex’s expertise in experiential content and Wadsworth’s image-making acumen. Wadsworth, now CEO of Synchrony, will work in tandem with Spinifex CEO Ben Casey. Wadsworth and Synchrony will expand the Project network’s ability to generate and meet client demand for best-in- class content solutions.

Casey cited Wadsworth’s “mastery of digital fabrication tools and techniques” as invaluable “because in the search for experiences that people have never seen before, each evolution of technical innovation unlocks a whole new world of creative possibilities. Bringing cutting-edge digital fabrication facilities under one roof alongside the network’s existing physical fabrication capabilities is game-changing for us. We believe this facility, the talent it supports, and the process it enables will be totally unique in the marketplace and next to impossible to imitate.”

During his career, Wadsworth has touched assorted brands including Dodge, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Alfa Romeo, Chevron, Microsoft, and Nike. His expertise and the talent Synchrony is looking to attract will augment Spinifex which has to its own credit varied creations ranging from the world’s largest building projections to Australia’s first facial recognition billboard. Such experiences are designed to connect brands meaningfully with their audiences.

The joint agency capabilities will span discovery, ideation, development of pitch materials, the pitch, live-action production, and postproduction including advanced visual effects and photo-real CGI, interactive/software development, physical fabrication, live integration, and execution.

Wadsworth shared, “It was a very hard decision to leave MindOverEye [for which he served as executive creative director], but the ability to build something more evolved can only come when you start from scratch.” Wadsworth said he and Casey are hand-picking an A-team of talent from the advertising and film industry to join the new entity.

“The most unique value proposition of this new venture is the establishment of a company that is deeply skilled in every aspect of the content-creation process,” said Project CEO Robert G. Vallee, Jr. “It will bring enormous creative and fiscal benefits to clients who get one-stop shopping and end-to- end solutions.”

Project is an independent, global network of wholly owned agencies with more than 1,900 employees in 45 offices around the world. The agencies include George P. Johnson, ARGONAUT, Partners + Napier, Motive, Spinifex Group, School, Shoptology, G7 Entertainment Marketing, Raumtechnik, Pitch, and Junior, which span the experiential, creative, digital, social, mobile, and retail sectors.