Sunday, October 23, 2016
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Top Spot of the Week: Evian's "Baby Bay" From BETC Paris


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Apr. 21, 2016


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James Rouse via Wanda Paris directed this film for agency BETC which underscores how healthy a libation Evian water is, in this case making you feel young--or at least very young at heart.

Titled Baby Bay, the short introduces us to a young man surfing who takes a tumble when taking on a wave. He’s rescued by a couple of very young surfers (babies) who pull him ashore. The man wakes up on the beach which is inhabited by other stylish, cool, incredibly young surfers--which might have something to do with the fact that the only bar on the beach is serving Evian.


Client Evian Agency BETC Paris Remi Babinet, Filip Nilsson, executive creative directors; Agnes Cavard, artistic director; Felix Falzon, artistic director assistant; Valerie Chidlovsky, copywriter; Alexandra Chini, Elise Herfort,  project managers; Martine Picard, media strategy director; Fabrice Brovelli, TV producer; Marine Monbeig, TV producer assistant. Production Wanda Paris James Rouse, director. VFX Mikros Image  Music BETC POP Christophe Caurret, music creative director. Music Production Green United Music Song: “Kokomo” Lilly Wood And The Prick

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