Saturday, October 22, 2016
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Director Wayne McClammy Picks Up "Check" For GEICO, The Martin Agency


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Mar. 31, 2016


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After a group enjoys a meal at a restaurant, one guy says he’s picking up the check--except he’s an alligator with short reptilian arms that can’t quite reach the check, leaving it to another at the table to pay the bill.

Stiffing someone else is what the guy with alligator arms does--just like what GEICO does is save people money on insurance.

Wayne McClammy of Hungry Man directed this spot, titled “Check,” for The Martin Agency.


Client GEICO Agency The Martin Agency Joe Alexander, chief creative officer; Wade Alger, Steve Bassett, group creative directors; Sean Riley, creative director; Ken Marcus, sr. copywriter; Brett Alexander, executive producer; Heather Tanton, sr. broadcast producer; Sara Montgomery, jr. broadcast producer. Production Hungry Man Wayne McClammy, director; Kevin Byrne, managing partner/exec producer; Dan Duffy, exec producer/head of sales; Mino Jarjoura, Nancy Hacohen, exec producers; Dave Bernstein, producer; Shelly Silverman, production supervisor. Editorial Rock Paper Scissors Christjan Jordan, editor; Pieter Viljoen, assistant editor; Angela Dorian, exec producer; Helena Lee,  producer. Postproduction Moving Picture Company Ricky Gausis, colorist. Animation/VFX Moving Picture Company Elexis Stearn, exec producer; Juliet Tierney, sr. producer; Valentina Cokonis, production coordinator; Goutham Hampankatta, line producer; Mark Holden, Flame lead; Janice Tso, Jim Spratling, Nuke artists; Jason Schugardt, VFX supervisor/head of 3D; Tim Kafka, lead lighter; Jessica Groom, render/look development; Partha Modal, DMP; Nishanth Shrinivasa, 3D supervisor. Music/Sound Design Q Department Audio Post Rainmaker Studios Jeff McManus, engineer/mixer



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