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Top Spot of the Week: Microsoft Zune's "The Ballad of Tina Pink"


Thursday, Nov. 8, 2007


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A young woman is transported into her Zune handheld unit where she experiences a surreal adventure, replete with pink bunnies on a music video shoot, and an underwater encounter with pink jellyfish. The metaphorical worlds she visits represent her pictures, music, movies and other aspects of her life.


Agency: T.A.G., San Francisco Geoff Edwards, Scott Duchon, creative directors; Ben Wolan, art director; Rick herrera, copywriter; Jan O'Malley, director of broadcast; Ben Latimer, producer. Production Company: The Directors Bureau Patrick Daughters, director; Melissa Culligan, executive producer; Youree Henley, producer; Shawn Kim, DP. Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors Andrea MacArthur, editor; David Brodie, assistant editor; Vicki Tripp, producer. Visual Effects: Method Laurent Ledru, creative director; Katrina Salicrup, lead 2D artist; Miles Essmiller, Jan Cillers, John Roden, Kyle Obley, Sarah Eim, 2D artists; Chris Smallfield, Matt Wheeler, Sean Durnan, Felix Erquiza, 3D artists; Luisa Murray, producer. Audio: Lime Studios Rohan Young, engineer; Joel Waters, assistant engineer; Jessica Locke, producer. Animation: Super Fad Will Hyde, creative director; David Holm, animator; Robert Sanborn, executive producer; Nate Barr, producer.

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