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Tide's "Sarge"


Monday, Jul. 31, 2006


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An army Sergeant calls his soldiers back to line up after they have eaten lunch.  Mid-order the Sergeant realizes that one of the soldiers has a ketchup stain on his shirt and lectures the soldiers on respect for "me, your country, and your momma."  As the Sergeant continues on his tangent, soldiers pass a Tide to Go detergent pen behind their backs to the offending soldier.  By the time the leader asks the soldier for comment the stain is gone and the soldier replies, "Sir. What stain, Sir?" 


Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Chief Creative Officer, Tony Granger; VP/Associate Creative Director/ Art Director, Michael Vaughan; VP/Associate Creative Director/ Copywriter, Neil Levin; EVP/ Director of Broadcast Production, David Perry; Senior Producer, Michelle Strank Production Company: BRAVO ZULU Director, John Mastromonaco; Director of Photography, Scott Buttfield; Executive Producer, Ron Hacohen; Line Producer, Patricia Danzinger Editorial: Red Car Editor, Jerry Fried; Assistant Editor, Paula Halton; Producer, Andrea Richman Postproduction: Red Car,Nice Shoes Online Editor, Tom Tortoriello,Colorist, Lez Rudge Sound Design: Amber (Heavenly) Music Sound Designer, Bill Chesley; Producer, Kate Gibson Audio: Sound Lounge Engineer, Rob Sayers

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