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North State "Imagine Planets"


Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015


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Working with executives at Trone Brand Energy, telecommunications company North State sought to promote their new fiber initiative at a level that would position them as a major player. To produce two :30 spots with spectacular production values, Trone and North State tapped the power of creative production company Wondersmith. "In one 14 hour day, we shot two broadcast spots utilizing two custom sets," says Wondersmith EP Joe Murray. "The set design perfectly supported the tone the client wanted to achieve for each spot and left us ample negative space for visual effects in post." "This was a job made for Wondersmith," added Thom. "From the initial concepting phase, we helped define the visual arc of the characters' inspirations, using those visuals to point back to the brand in entertaining ways. It is an honor when a client entrusts you with creating their visual vocabulary."

Project Name: North State "Imagine Planets"
Running Time: :30
Client: North State
Advertising Agency: Trone Brand Energy
Executive Creative Director: Martin Buchanan
Sr. Copywriter: Matteson Fields
Sr. Art Director: Todd Parham
Broadcast/Web Producer: Kimberly Abels
VP/Management Supervisor: Nicole Donaghue
Production Company: Wondersmith
Director: Andrew Hardaway
Director of Photography: Florian Stadler
Executive Producer: Joe Murray
Creative Director: Thom Blackburn
VFX Lead: Byron Nash
Editor: Pedram Torbati
Technical Director: Ed Manning
Music Company: Endless Noise
Composer: Jeff Elmassian
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