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"License to Operate" Trailer


Monday, May. 18, 2015


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Across the country, there is a growing distrust between community members and those who are meant to protect it. License to Operate, Omelet’s first feature-length documentary, follows former gang members in Los Angeles who have joined forces with community leaders and law enforcement on a mission to break the cycle of violence that they were once a part of creating. This film is about redemption, hope and change. It’s about rebuilding relationships and forging new alliances. It’s about healing a community's wounds and about how the efforts of a few can change the direction of an entire city.


Directed By James Lipetzky
An Omelet Studio Presentation  |  A Foundation Content Production
Produced By Michael Wallen
Executive Producer Matt Celenza
Executive Producer Don Kurz
Executive Producer Pete Carroll
Executive Producer Dave Belfiore
Executive Producer Samantha Hart
Executive Producers Robert Hoff, Larry Digioia
Co-Produced By Steven Amato
Edited By Edgar Burcksen, ACE
Cinematography By Jeremiah Hammerling
Music Supervisor Michael Gross
Original Music By Tim Adams, Patrick Mcarthur, Massive Music

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