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Wondros' Ellis Bahl Directs Us The Duo's New Series "Public Record"


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016


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Us The Duo, a folk pop music act consisting of husband and wife Michael and Carissa Alvarado, is launching a series, Public Record, as part of the AT&T Hello Lab initiative, which is in collaboration with agency Fullscreen. For Public Record, Us The Duo crowdsourced the inspiration for its next album from their fans, asking them to submit their real life stories of live, life, struggles and happiness for the chance to be featured in the music act’s new EP (extended play record). The project generated hundreds of submissions and Us The Duo chose five stories of everyday people who were placed in extraordinary circumstances.

Ellis Bahl, who joined production house Wondros this past summer, directed the series, helping to translate these stories to film. 

One such story is told in the film I’m me which introduces us to Camden Emery, 24 whose lifelong love of music led him to join the band on the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in North Carolina.  The fact that he’s gay wasn’t a barrier for him at all. He has never felt more “normal” than as a Marine. Us The Duo surprised him with a performance on his Marine base along with the help of his bandmates.


Client AT&T Hello Lab Agency Fullscreen Bill Parks, Bryan Thoensen, sr. VPs; Maude Standish, director creative strategy; Rory Forrest, Ben Beale, creative directors; Georgi Goldman, showrunner; Lori Coburn, line producer; Jane Krull, director creative services; Michael Pogarian, coordinator; Kya Koplin, production coordinator; Warren Lentz, talent manager; Jason Mollina, engagement strategy. Production Wondros Ellis Bahl, director; Dilly Gent, exec producer; Josiah Bultema, line producer; Vern Moen, Justin Gaar, second unit directors; Morgan Susser, Kevin Phillips, Justin Gaar, DPs; Susie Francis, production designer. Editorial Jasmine Fan, editor. Finish House Ntropic Simon Mowbray, creative director/lead Flame; Michael Bennett, exec producer/director of business development; Michelle Hammond, exec producer; Kirsten Collabolletta, producer; Nick Saunders, colorist; Kevin Miller, color producer; Jerome Knight, Flame assistant/conform; Kristy Navarro, color assistant.

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