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W+K Amsterdam Celebrates "The Best Planet" For S7 Airlines 


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Oct. 7, 2016


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To promote travel on S7 Airlines, one of Russia’s largest carriers, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam has created “The Best Planet,” an integrated campaign that depicts the best planet we know from a surprising perspective to awaken the senses and inspire Russians to travel. 

The work, including this centerpiece film, reminds Russians about two wonderful gifts they’ve received--the best planet we know, and a lifetime to experience that planet. To communicate these gifts, each of the campaign’s creative executions shows the world from a perspective that allows viewers to truly experience and feel Earth’s beauty and mystery, transforming traveling into a valuable and meaningful journey for the senses.

Presented as a visual poem dedicated to Earth itself, the short is a message from someone who can truly appreciate what it’s like to be away from it--Russian cosmonaut, Andrey Borisenko, who spent 164 days away from Earth on his last expedition. Andrey narrates the film, which celebrates Earth’s hidden wonders by depicting the sensorial experiences different destinations can evoke. Directed by AG Rojas who’s with Park Pictures, it was shot across the globe including Thai caves, Croatian coasts and St. Petersburg’s stunning Hermitage, marking the first time an advertising campaign has ever been shot in the historical museum. 


Client S7 Airlines Agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Mark Bernath, Eric Quennoy, executive creative directors; Joe Burrin, Evgeny Primachenko, creative directors; Jordi Luna, art director; Scott Smith, copywriter; Joe Togneri, head of content; Michael MacMillan, broadcast producer; Martin Weigel, Alexandre Janneau, planners; Saskia van Zwieten, head of studio; Maud Klarenbeck, head of art production; Noa Redero, studio artist; Cory Chonko, project manager. Production Park Pictures AG Rojas, director; Michael Ragen, DP; Stephen Brierley, exec producer; Sophie Hubble, head of production; Tim Kerrison, producer; Gustavo Alcocer, 2nd unit cameraman. Editorial Trim Editing Dominic Leung, editor. Audio Wave Amsterdam Alex Nicholls-Lee, sound designer/mixer. Music Woodwork Music Title: “There’s No Place Like Earth”--Philip Kay, composer. Postproduction MPC Amsterdam Toby Aldridge, Flame; Jean-Clement Soret, colorist; Thijs Klaassen, producer.  Film Production Services Companies Indochina Productions, Thailand Nicholas Simon, producer. Production Company, Croatia Blue Sky Films Mario Zvan, producer. Production Company, Russia Sofia Maltseva, producer.

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