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Top Spot of the Week: Stink Director Stephan Wever, Sehsucht Bring T-Rex To Life For Audi, Razorfish


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Sep. 15, 2016


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Once the most feared predator on the planet, T-Rex, has been reduced to a laughing stock thanks to an embarrassing Internet film, plunging him into a crippling identity crisis. That is until a chance encounter with Audi’s piloted driving revives his lust for life and allows T-Rex to celebrate a comeback.

Stephan Wever of Stink directed this film, titled “#TheComeback,” with VFX from Sehsucht Hamburg, for agency Razorfish Germany.

Florian Zachau, head of VFX at Sehsucht, said that in terms of the animation, “The biggest challenge was to make the dinosaur look depressed. A T-Rex is a rather stiff character and there is not a lot of variety on expression and gestures the animators could use in order to bring out the sadness. The interview-scene in particular was not easy. There is a very thin line between making it look natural rather than awkward. “

#TheComeback is up and running on Audi’s social platforms and is part of a viral campaign to announce Audi’s new piloted driving system.


Client Audi AG: Falco Munch Agency Razorfish Germany Preethi Mariappan, executive creative director; Felix Stock, creative director/copywriter; Anna Dressler, Fay Kornmeier, copywriters; Kathrin Dariz, strategy director. Production Stink film, Berlin Stephan Wever, director; Cezary Zacharewicz, DP Martina Lulsdorf, Julian Holland, exec producers; Isabel Kast, producer. Concept & Design Sehsucht Hamburg, Stink VFX/Postproduction Sehsucht Hamburg Daniel Jahnel, Timo von Vittken, Ulf Gieseler, Jannes Kreyenberg, Jakob Schulze-Rohr, 3D; Martin Chatterchee, rigging; Florian Zachau, Jona Maluk, compositing; Jan Tiller, Stephan Reinsch, Felix Niehoff, producers. (Toolbox: Zbrush, Mari, Softimage, Arnold, Houdini, Nuke) Stink, inhouse, editor. Color Grading Electric theatre Music Meik de Swaan, composer. Sound FX & Mix Hesse Studios Berlin Lukas Walter, mixing engineer

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