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Top Spot of the Week: RESET's PES Directs "The Power of Ridgeline" For Honda, RPA


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016


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With Honda’s “Paper” recently nominated for a primetime commercial Emmy Award, what do stop motion animation guru PES and agency RPA do for an encore?

The answer is another creatively inspired piece of work directed by PES via production house RESET for the all new 2017 Honda Ridgeline truck. RPA wanted a commercial as innovative as the Ridgeline itself so it teamed up with PES to create a new visual technique incorporating stop-motion animation and time-lapse photography to capture the construction of a massive Honda logo, built with the power of Ridgeline.

The end tag slogan reads, “If you can dream it, you can do it in the all-new Honda Ridgeline.”


Client Honda Ridgeline Agency RPA, Santa Monica, Calif. Joe Baratelli, EVP, chief creative officer; Jason Sperling, SVP, executive creative director; Sarah May Bates, Rahul Panchal, creative directors; Suie Yeranosyan, sr. art director; Ramiro Ramirez, copywriter; Gary Paticoff, SVP, chief production officer; Isadora Chesler, VP, executive producer; Joshua Herbstman, producer. Production RESET, Santa Monica, Calif. PES, director; Dave Morison, managing director; Jeff McDougall, exec producer; Jen Beitler, exec producer/bidding; Greg Schultz, line producer; Eric Adkins, DP; Damon Fortier, production designer; Josh McQueen, assistant art director; Eileen Kohlhepp, animation supervisor; David Braun, Javan Ivey, Brandon Lake, Dillon Markey, animators; Ponch “Chino” Arellano, animation assistant; Calvin Frederick, Matthew Philip Hazelrig, Dragonframe operators; Andrew Rozendal, VTR; Cris Aruajo, wardrobe. Editorial Union Editorial Jim Haygood, editor; Ramon DeSouza, assistant editor; Michael Raimondi, president/managing director; Joe Ross, exec producer. VFX a52 Andy Barrios, VFX supervisor, lead Flame artist; Andy Davis, Flame support; Adam Newman, Andrew Romatz, CG supervisors; Andy Wilkoff, Ken Bishop, Jon Balcome, Wendy Klein, Richard Daniels, Junyoung Kim, Caleb Ollivant, Lindsey Butterworth, Abel Salazar, Josh Dyer, Michael Relth, CG support; Dan Gutierrez, previs supervisor; Gladys Bernadac, previs editor; Paul Yacono, color; Patrick Nugent, exec producer; Kim Christensen, head of production; Zach Wakefield, producer; Jenny Bright, color producer. (Toolbox: Flame, Maya) Audio/Final Mix Lime Studios, Santa Monica, Calif. Dave Wagg, mixer/engineer; Adam Primack, assistant mixer; Susie Boyajan, exec producer. Sound Design Factory, London Jon Clarke, sound designer; Lou Allen, audio producer.

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