Friday, October 21, 2016
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Top Spot of the Week: The Perlorian Brothers Direct "Benny & Lenny" For Great Clips


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016


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Being alone onstage in a deserted nightclub can be a nightmare for a performer--but especially if that performer is a puppeteered dummy (Lenny) without his ventriloquist (Benny).  Lenny, though, has a voice and he calls out for Benny who’s nowhere to be found. Dragging himself out of the theater into a back alley and crawling along city streets at night, Lenny searches for Benny--and then finally finds him getting his hair cut and styled at Great Clips.

The new look Benny no longer bears quite the same resemblance to Lenny, which leaves the latter inconsolable. But the great price cut sale at Great Clips was too much for the now sharp looking Benny to resist.

The Perlorian Brothers of MJZ directed this spot, titled “Benny & Lenny,” for Minneapolis-based ad agency Periscope.


Client Great Clips Agency Periscope, Minneapolis Charlie Callahan, executive creative director; Chris Wareham, creative director/copywriter; Jen Neis,sr. art director; Patty Hofstad, head of production; Tammy Auel, freelance producer. Production MJZ The Perlorian Brothers, director; Bobby Shore, DP; Eriks Krumins, exec producer; Merrie Wasson (Soft Citizen, Toronto), line producer. Editorial HutchCo, Los Angeles Jim Hutchins, editor. VFX/Animation Jamie Shannon, puppetmaster. hutchco/serious electronics, Los Angeles Austin Hickman-Fain, VFX artist.

Toolbox: Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Mocha Pro



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