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Top Spot of the Week: Pandora's "The Unique Thank You"


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Apr. 13, 2016


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The bond between moms and their daughters is eloquently captured in this emotional Mother’s Day campaign for Pandora from Copenhagen, Denmark-based creative agency Another.

In this short--directed by Daniel Kragh Jacobsen of RSA Films- we are thrust into a digital experiment in which eight daughters watch as their mothers take turns moving around an art gallery-like setting with personalized messages on display. Each mom searches to find the message intended for her from her daughter. In a moving display of love, the experiment revealed that every mother was able to correctly identify her unique message, which was in fact inspired by her own words of wisdom once--or many times--passed on to her grown-up daughter. Upon successfully finding their message, each of the mothers received a “unique thank you” from their daughters who first are there in the form of an computer tablet video and then appear in person to embrace their lifelong mentors. 

“It was a very emotional experience,” said Lily, one of  the daughters who is featured in the film. “You realize that as individuals we are all unique, yet as women, as mothers  and daughters, we share incredibly powerful bonds with  one another, which shape who we are today. The Unique Thank You celebrates the most significant of these bonds and just as every daughter’s relationship with their mother is unique, so is their thank you.” 

Shot in London at Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, the digital experiment film is supported by a new social app designed for daughters worldwide to send their own bespoke message to their mothers this Mother’s Day. Echoing the experiment in the film, each mother receiving a customized digital letter will be asked to identify the message written by her daughter from a lineup. Once discovered, a video message from the daughter will play on screen. 

Pandora’s Mother’s Day hand-finished and contemporary jewelry collection launched globally on April 14, supported by an international print campaign, TV commercial, PR, digital, social and in-store activities.


Client Pandora Bianca Nesgaard, brand activation director. Agency Another, Copenhagen Casper Willer, Thorkild Bjerre, creatives. Production RSA Films Daniel Kragh Jacobsen, director; Jacob Moller, DP.

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