Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Top Spot of the Week: Not To Scale Creates "Cause for Alarm"


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Sep. 21, 2016


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The Katie Haines Memorial Trust approached production studio Not To Scale to create Cause for Alarm, an animation piece designed to raise raising of carbon monoxide poisoning, the silent killer which the Memorial Trust founders lost their daughter to in 2010. Released in conjunction with the official Gas Safety Week, September 19-25 in the U.K., the short film details the risks of poisoning in the home, the importance of properly maintaining appliances and having a working detector to alert you to the presence of the invisible, odorless gas. 

Director/animator/designer Matt Smithson of Not To Scale used a saturated color palette and a hand-drawn, cutout style for the infographic, with strong shapes and fluid transitions adding momentum to the animation. Cleverly contrasting typography and textures come to life throughout, with the film managing to communicate a positive message of easy preventative measures despite the solemn subject. 


Client The Katie Haines Memorial Trust Animation/Production Not To Scale, London Matt Smithson, director/animation/design; Katie Smithson, design; Maki Yoshikura, Geoff McDowall, Pauline McDowall, character animation; Kehinde Omisore, animation assistant; Kelly Ford, producer. (Toolbox: Photoshop, After Effects, Flash) Music Josh Smoak, Eastward Music

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