Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Top Spot of the Week: Leo Burnett Manila Revisits Boy Who Studied By McDonald's Light


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Dec. 19, 2016


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Over a year ago, Daniel Cabrera, a homeless 9-year old boy, was photographed doing his homework by the light of a McDonald’s store in the Philippines. Joyce Torrefranca, a medical technology student, took that photo after taking a break from a night of studying. She was touched and inspired when she chanced upon the boy, and uploaded the photo on her Facebook page. Soon, her post became viral. Financial aid and other donations from all over the world poured in for the boy. And his life took a turn for the better.

This new film by Leo Burnett Manila and Filmex Inc., directed by Paolo Villaluna, recollects that fateful night through Torrefranca. It also retells the dire straits Daniel’s family was in and his perseverance to finish schooling so he can become a policeman, as told by his mother. A poignant reunion between Daniel and Joyce ensues over a simple meal. The story of "The Boy Who Loves To Study" resonates, particularly during this holiday season.


Client McDonald’s Philippines Agency Leo Burnett Manila Raoul Panes, chief creative officer; Mela Advincula, creative director; Keena Jauregui, team head; Spiro Barroga, sr. art director; Sara Sarmiento, art director. Production Filmex Paolo Villaluna, director; Concon Limbo-Deray, executive producer. Slingshot Manila Steve Vesagas, Tria Sordan, producers Editorial Melane Valero, editor. Audio Hit Productions Teddy Katigbak, arranger. Postproduction Optima 

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