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Top Spot of the Week: Hornet Inc., Moth Studio, The Richards Group Team On Salvation Army's "Emma"


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017


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Directed by Moth Studio via Hornet for The Richards Group, this animation campaign for the Salvation Army tells different stories about hardship and what generosity means to those in need--as well as to those who give.

One of those public service spots introduces us to Emma, an elderly homeless woman who remembers her childhood when she had a roof over her head. Back then, she loved holiday dinners when family got together and listened to Xmas music. She particularly enjoyed a piece of pie for dessert. Those days were long ago but thanks to the Salvation Army--and the donations made by people into that group’s red kettles--Emma can again experience a holiday meal, a sense of belonging and hopefully a better life down the road.


Client The Salvation Army Agency The Richards Group, Dallas Todd McArtor, creative director/art director; Danny Bryan, creative director/writer; Dan Case, art director; Tara Robinson, writer; Bridget Fontenot, broadcast producer. Production/Animation Hornet Inc., New York Moth Studio, director; Hana Shimizu, exec producer; Sang-Jin Bae, head of production; Kristin Labriola, development producer; Eva Dahlqvist, Dez Stavracos, producers; Daniele Baiardini, Stephanie Andreou, editors; Moth Studio, Leonie Despres, Mandy Wickens, design; Moth Studio, storyboards; Carlos De Faria, Tyler DiBiasio, Anne-Louise Erambert, Anne Escot, Reg Isaac, Tucker Klein, Jennifer Zheng, 2D animation; Bianca Beneduci Assad, Carlos De Faria, Tyler DiBiasio, Lior Wolff-Epshtein, Anne-Louise Erambert, Anne Escot, Freya Hotson, Tucker Klein, Harry Slinger-Thompson, Mick O’Sullivan, Jennifer Zheng, cleanup; Luke Carpenter, Luke Doyle, Lindsay Horner, CG animation; Daniele Baiadini, Quian Shi, compositors; Stef Roberts, editing assistance. (Toolbox: TV paint, C4D, After Effects, Flash, Premiere, Photoshop) Music Pierre O’Reily. composer/conductor/arranger/piano; James Fitzpatrick, orchestra contractor/session producer; The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra; Jan Holzner, recording engineer; Triona O’Neill, vocals; Tom Bullen, recording engineer; Nick Taylor, mixed and mastered music. Sound Design Box of Toys Audio Post Matt Cimino, audio engineer. Postproduction Mark Sullivan, online Flame artist; Jennifer Brannon, sr. producer.

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