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Top Spot of the Week: Hennessy's "The Piccards" Directed By Daniel Wolfe For Droga5


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, May. 5, 2016


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In 1931, Swiss physicist Auguste Piccard became the first man to reach the stratosphere. Nearly three decades later, in 1960, his son Jacques became the first to reach the deepest bottom of the ocean. This remarkable true story is the basis for The Piccards, the latest cinematic-style short in the Hennessy brand’s Wild Rabbit campaign from agency Droga5. 

The Piccards reimagines the individual achievements of the two men as one continuous journey up—a surreal, adrenaline-­spiked odyssey to the stratosphere and the deepest ocean depths. But at the core of the adventure is an incredible story about the bond between a father and son, the power of ambition and the will to achieve. Hennessy tapped musician Nas to tell the story of the Piccards’ intergenerational Wild Rabbit chase--Hennessy’s metaphor for the relentless pursuit of achievement.

The film was directed by Daniel Wolfe of Somesuch. Part of Wolfe’s vision was a collaboration with photography specialist Chris Parks whose abstract imagery has been in benchmark pieces such as Tree of Life and Gravity. 


Client Hennessy Agency Droga5 Felix Richter, Alexander Nowak, creative directors; Phil Hadad, Marybeth Ledesma, creatives. Production Somesuch Daniel Wolfe, director; Lee Groombridge, producer; Chris Parks, photography specialist. VFX & Design The Mill Sean Costelloe, exec producer; Bugs Russell, producer; Jasper Kidd, shoot supervisor, creative director, 3D lead artist; Eric Pascarelli, shoot supervisor; Gavin Wellsman, creative director/2D lead artist Andre Vidal, Ben Kwok, Heather Kennedy, 2D artists; Jimmy Gass, Laurent Giaume, Katie Schiffer, Justin Diamond, Edward Hassan, Eshan Parizi, Paul Liaw, Joji Tsuruga, Greg Gangemi, 3D artists; Cedric Mernard, matte painting; Sally Reynolds, designer; Jacqueline Sand, production coordinator.

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