Friday, October 28, 2016
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Top Spot of the Week: GE's "Octopuses" From BBDO NY


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, May. 12, 2016


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Christopher Riggert of Biscuit Filmworks directed this spot from BBDO New York in which we see that rather than raining cats and dogs, it is raining octopuses. 

The unexpected chaos of an octopus storm, though, doesn’t deter GE for being ready for whatever challenges the world can throw at it. GE’s innovative technology keeps the octopus onslaught in check, helping planes, trains, power grids and hospitals to properly adapt and continue functioning. 

The :60, which runs online on GE’s social channels, shows that the company’s engineers, thinkers, inventors and tech resources can successfully deal with whatever the world rains down on us.


Client GE Agency BBDO New York David Lubars, chief creative officer, worldwide; Greg Hahn, chief creative officer, New York; Michael Aimette, executive creative director; Judd Counsell, Anne Lac, creative directors; George Sholley, executive producer; Rani Vaz, director of music production. Production Biscuit Filmworks Christopher Riggert, director; Shawn Lacy, managing director; Rick Jarjoura, exec producer; Mercedes Allen-Sarria & Rachel Glaub, heads of production; Jimena Murray, producer. Music RMI/Screensound Alliance Robert Miller, composer. Editorial Work Editorial NY Stewart Reeves, editor; Abbey Chaus, assistant editor; Erica Thompson, exec producer; Sari Resnick, sr. producer. VFX Method Studios Stepanie Gilgar, Stuart Robinson, exec producers; Scott Boyajan, Heather Saunders, producers; Benjamin Walsh, sr. VFX supervisor; Doug Luka, VFX supervisor; Margaret Bright-Ryan, Ivan Guerrero, CG supervisors; Keith Roberts, animator supervisor; Sandro Blattner, DFX supervisor; Ian Holland, 2D lead; Chris Bankoff, Nuke lead; Lersak Bun, modeling supervisor; Simon Yuen, rigging supervisor; Dan Bodenstein FX supervisor. Sound Design Trinitite Inc. Brian Emrich, sound designer. Audio Post Sonic Union Michael Marinelli, mixer. Postproduction Company 3 Stefan Sonnenfeld, colorist; Rhubie Jovanov, exec producer; Adam Van Wagoner, producer.

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