Thursday, October 27, 2016
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Top Spot of the Week: Director Daniel Wolfe, Droga5 London Show How Fragrance Changes Mood 


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Jul. 1, 2016


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Droga5 London has launched a campaign for personal care brand Radox. The work centers on the power of fragrance and its effect on mood, emphasizing how showering with Radox shower gels can help transform moods. That spirit is at the heart of the campaign called “Emo.”
The spot demonstrates the nature of mood transformation by showing a well-known stereotype, the grumpy teenager, in a totally different state to what you might expect. 
“During my misspent teenage years as a hateful, nihilistic young goth, I wish someone had told me about the mood-altering properties of Radox,” said David Kolbusz, chief creative officer, Droga5 London. “Let this campaign serve as a message to all children of the night--misery is a choice. Fragrance can save you.”

Droga5 London ECD Rick Dodds added, “It is scientifically proven that fragrance can change your mood. So as well as dramatizing this, we also wanted the spot itself to have the same transformative power and leave people in a happy and uplifted mood.”


Client Radox Agency Droga5 London David Kolbusz, chief creative officer; Rick Dodds, Steve Howell, executive creative directors; Lea Brissell, Alex Venndt, jr. creatives; Peter Montgomery, producer; Toto Ellis, head of strategy. Production Somesuch Daniel Wolfe, director; Seth Wilson, exec producer; Sam Chitty, producer; Tom Townend, DP. Editorial Trim Dominic Leung, editor. Visual Effects Time Based Arts Tom Johnson, producer; Stephen Grasso, VFX supervisor. Postproduction Framestore Simon Bourne, colorist. Music “I Will Love You” Summer Twins, writers/artists; Lisa Hart at Big Sync, music supervisor. Sound Design & Mix 750mph Sam Ashwell, sound designer/mixer.



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