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Top Spot of the Week: Commuters Shed Tears For Studio+, Havas Paris


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017


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Viewing films on smartphones can be a moving experience as depicted in spots titled “Tears” and “Speed” from Havas Paris for Studio+ premium services, Vivendi and Canal+.

Christophe Coffre, chief creative officer of Havas Paris, said, “We need to demonstrate that emotion and action are just as intense in the mini-series format (10 x10”). I’m very proud of these two little cinematic gems.”

SHOOT selected “Tears” as this week’s Top Spot. In “Tears,” people board a train, smart phones in hand on which they watch an emotionally moving piece of content. The commuters shed tears as they become engrossed in the story. Meanwhile at the next stop, we see other commuters waiting for the train to arrive. Curiously, they are all positioned above ground level, standing on benches and other objects. When the train arrives at their station, its doors open and water rushes out from the train, emptying a reservoir of collected tears.

Both ads--with “Speed” underscoring the action/adventure impact of mobile content--will be screened in cinemas and on mobile devices. The campaign targets the 600 million smartphone owners in countries where Vivendi plans to introduce its latest program offering venture over the next 18 months. Both ads will be screened in the U.S., Canada, throughout South America, France, Italy and soon the rest of Europe. 

Directed by Julien Seri, produced by HRCLS (Hercules) and overseen by creative director Christophe Coffre, both ads aim to show just how engaging and fun viewing films on mobiles can be.
The two action-packed ads were shot simultaneously, the outside scenes in Chicago while the inside scenes were filmed in a Bangkok studio where an underground station including train and carriage was built. This consisted of a metal and painted wood set that took three weeks of work. The movable set enabled the team to create four different underground stations. Both ads needed considerable 3D and special effect postproduction work to simulate the speeding train in Speed and the wave in Tears.

Gilles Galud, CEO of Studio+, said, “These two top-class adverts show how people can view films on mobile phones while showcasing our planned premium series offer.”


Client Studio+, Vivendi, Canal+  Agency Havas Paris Christophe Coffre, chief creative officer/creative director; Guillaume Fillion, art director; Cyrine Arrar, copywriter. Production HRCLS (Hercules) Julien Seri, director; Christopher Thiery, producer; Helene Husson, exec producer; Reynald Capurro, chief operator. Postproduction HRCLS (Hercules)/Mikros Yann Dubois, VFX producer; Raimbaut Gaffier, Louise Trojani, post producers. Vincent Marchand, editor; Arthur Paux, calibration; Stephane Allender, special effects supervisor; Yves Delforge, Erwan Boucher, Jonathan Lagache, Gregory Faure, special effects. Music High Bias Productions Sound Design Kouz Productions Sylvain Pierre, sound design. Executive Production UMOON Productions Thailand (Christophe Guyot); AICP FILM PRODUCTION (Alexander Sanchez)

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