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Top Spot of the Week: CNN's "Why We Go" Directed by Klaus Obermeyer


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Jun. 2, 2016


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Klaus Obermeyer of Aero Film directed this :90 spot which illustrates the drive that CNN field correspondents have to go out and find the story--to show it from the POV of the people living it. In this case the CNN reporter is Nima Elbagir and the branding piece for CNN was shot in Washington D.C., London, and in Idomeni, Greece at the Syrian refugee camps that border Macedonia.

Obermeyer worked closely with Elbagir to make sure these real life locations weren’t turned into commercial sets to “sell the news.” Aero worked with a small crew to keep the spotlight on the story at hand, being an observer to a day-in-the-life with Elbagir. 

Aero teamed with CNN Creative Marketing on the spot (for which there are also :60 and :30 versions). Editor was Marco Perez of Union Editorial.


Client CNN Agency CNN Creative Marketing Allison Gollust, CMO; Rick Lewchuk, sr. VP; Whit Friese, VP; Dan Brown, sr. director, production. Production Aero Film Klaus Obermeyer, director; Lance O’Connor, Cori Cooperider, exec producers; Marla Whittaker, head of production; Anton Maillie, producer; Johan Palm, DP. Editorial Union Editorial Marco Perez, editor; Rossi Mauro, assistant editor; Lauren Hafner Addison, producer; Michael Raimondi, exec producer. Music Syn Music, Tokyo/L.A. Nick Wood, composer; Seiya Matsumiya, producer. Postproduction CNN Image & Sound Bryan Fitch, compositor. Sound Design Warner Audio Steve Warner, sound designer.



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