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Top Spot of the Week: CAA, Passion Pictures Team On Chipotle's "A Love Story"


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Jul. 6, 2016


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Our Top Spot this week takes the form of Chipotle’s latest animated short film, conceived by a creative ensemble at CAA--with Passion Pictures serving as the production/animation studio. Saschka Unseld directed the short, titled A Love Story, via Passion.

The short centers on a lass with a lemonade stand situated across the road from a lad with an orange juice stand who escalate their business competition--despite having feelings for each other--way beyond their original natural, fresh-squeezed offerings. Each business over time becomes a reservoir of processed fast food, with ever growing menus not even remotely related to their initial core fruit juice refreshments.

The processed machine-made food operations take on an all consuming life of their own, until the guy and gal break free and return to their natural wholesome food roots, coming together to provide healthy, nourishing fare at their own independent restaurant/store.


Client Chipotle Agency CAA Marketing Production/Animation Passion Pictures Saschka Unseld, director; Katy Wu, art director; Debbie Crosscup, Ryan Goodwin-Smith, executive producers; Sibylle Preuss, producer; Neil Riley, VFX supervisor; Christian Mills, CG supervisor; Wesley Coman, Chris Welsby, Aldo Gagliardi, Cath Brooks, Catherine Elvidge, Karin Matteson, Scott Bono, animation; Katy Wu, Amandine Pecharman, character & production design; Davide Saraceno, graphic designer; Ian Matthews, Katreena Erin Bowell, David Domingo Jimenez, Leigh Van Der Byl, Louise Chassain, Sara Diaz, Stuart Hall, Arkin Esfref, Alex Holman, David Watson, Camille Perrin, Patrick Kraft, Roxanne Maratinez, texture & shading; Morgan Evans, Matteo Nibbi, Giulia Dell’Armi, rigging; Jamie Franks, Colin Perrett, Kwai Keung Ip, Junaid Syed, Antonios Deftarios, Guillaume Zaouche, Gabriele Veronese, Matt Moyes, Robin Nordenstein, Alice Jarre, VFX; Christian Mills, Richard Moss, Stuart Hall, Adrian Russell, Patrick Kraftt, Alex Holman, Roxanne Martinez, David Watson, Nikolay Kulishev, Simon Maddocks, Francois Pons, light & render; Johnny Still, Andre Bittencourt, Raphael Theolade, Valeria Romano, Javier Cid, Alex Grey, compositing; Jay Boose, animation supervisor; Joost Zoetebier, Suzanne Forward, CG coordinators; Paige Sullivan, production assistant. Postproduction Technicolor Postworks NY Max Horton, colorist. Music Blake Mills, producer; Brittany Howard, Jim James, music performance.

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