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Top Spot of the Week: BBC's Olympics Trailer From Passion Pictures, RKCR/Y&R


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Jul. 12, 2016


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BBC Sport promotes its coverage of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, which gets underway in August, with a campaign out of agency RKCR/Y&R, London, the centerpiece of which is this trailer, “The Greatest Show on Earth,” produced by Passion Pictures.

In this animated piece, against the backdrop of the luscious Tijuca Rainforest, we see exotic animals preparing for the Games. Jaguars are sprinters, otters are swimmers, alligators are high divers--and their power and grace underscore the athletic prowess of Olympic competitors. These animals gradually transition to the human world over the course of the animation.

To the rousing track “Not Gonna Break Me” by acclaimed British artist Jamie N Commons, we see the sloth take on gymnastics, the armadillo clap its hands in chalk for the clean and jerk, as well as the powerful jaguar crack its neck and form up for the 400m, all before they transform into their heroic and spectacular human athlete counterparts. This will continue into the titles for the campaign throughout the games.


Client BBC Agency RKCR/Y&R, London Mark Roalfe, Jon Saunders, creative directors; Psembi Kinstan, art director; Alice Burton, copywriter; Keeley Pratt, Hatty Middleton, producers. Production Passion Pictures againstallodds (Derek Picken, Niklas Rissler), directors; Jon Saunders, creative director; Ryan Goodwin-Smith, EP; Jen Coatsworth, producer; Mike Turoff, head of production; Suzanne Forward, production manager; Jason Nicholas, head of CG; Neil Riley, VFX supervisor; Nia James, CG studio coordinator; Jean Baptiste Van Damme, character design; Sajjad Amjad, Javier Edo, pipeline development; Johnny Grew, layout; Graham Christie, Cesar Nunes, Francois Pons, look development; Alex Huget, Abner Marin, Mattias Bjurstrom, Florence Ciuccoli, character modeling; Ian Brown (lead), Florence Ciuccoli, Florian Magnini, Dani Villalba, David Ramon Rodriguez, Justi Romero, Florent Rousseau, environment modeling; Florian Magnini, Dani Villalba, David Ramon Rodriguez, Katreena Erin, Louise Chassain, Eva Prado, Leigh van der Byl; Guilia Dell’Armi, Matteo Nibbi, Alice Jarre; Wesley Coman (lead), Chris Welsby, Cath Brooks, Faith Dogan, Catherine Elvidge, Johnny Grew, animation; Matt Bell, Colin Perret, Junaid Syed, Wayde Duncan Smith, Gabrielle Veronese, Antonios Defteralos, VFX; Christin Mills (lead), David Ramon Rodriguez, Alex Holman, Raphael Theolade, David Fernandez, lighting; Andre Bittencourt (lead), Raphael Theolade, Alex Grey, Valeria Romanol compositing; Gus Herdman, Tim King, Kingsley Bailey, editing. 2D and CG layout Milford Film. Visual Development & DMP Painting Practice Rafael Martin Justin CHC, Edith Chappey; Color Rushes Simona Cristea, colorist; Joe West, post producer. Music Supervision Native Track: “Not Gonna Break Me” by Jamie N Commons Sound Design Jungle Chris Turner, sound designer. 

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