Monday, October 24, 2016
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Top Spot of the Week: 30 Million Friends' Pet Abandonment Video From Buzzman


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Jun. 16, 2016


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Directed by Vincent Lobelle via production house Insurrection, Paris, this video for 30 Million d’Amis (French for 30 Million Friends) Foundation raises awareness of abuse against animals, specifically the problem of pet abandonment. Each year in France, nearly 100,000 animals are abandoned, including 60,000 during the summer. 

Deploying a series of flashbacks centered around an automobile accident, this video shows the  deep love, devotion and loyalty a dog has for his owner, adding an emotionally poignant dimension to the pet abandonment problem. This film is the centerpiece of a campaign against abandonment, created by Buzzman Agency and assisted by MEC Media. The short is being shown online and on French television.


Client 30 Million Friends Agency Buzzman, Paris Georges Mohammed-Chérif, president, executive creative director; Thomas Granger, VP; Julien Levilain, associate director; Louis Audard, Tristan Daltroff, creative directors, artistic directors, copywriters; Jennyfer Arduin, artistic direction assistant; Vanessa Barbel, head of production, TV & print; Assya Mediouni, production. Production Insurrection, Paris Vincent Lobelle, director; Charlotte Lepot, producer. Audio Production Schmooze Fred Schindler, music synchronization.

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