Thursday, October 27, 2016
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Spielbergs Duo Directs Ray-Ban Short Film "Oh Jerome, No"


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2016


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This new branded short for Ray-Ban centers on the comedically surreal story of a young man named Jerome. As a result of societal pressure to suppress his feelings, Jerome repeatedly blurts out “I love you” far too soon in every romantic encounter. After being “cured” by a hypnotherapist, he must fight to reconnect with his sensitive nature to save a budding relationship with featured musician Natalie Prass and express his true feelings.
Titled Oh Jerome, No, this short was directed by Spielbergs (Alex Karpovsky, a co-star from HBO’s Girls, and Teddy Blanks, graphic designer for Lena Dunham + Kim Gordon) and features a cast which include Mamoudou Athie (from the forthcoming Netflix series The Get Down), Arturo Castro (Broad City) and features a score, created and performed specially for Ray-Ban by Prass.

The short is the third chapter in Ray-Ban’s #ITTAKESCOURAGE campaign.


Client Ray-Ban Creative/Production Teddy Blanks, Alex Karpovsky, a.k.a. Spielbergs, writers/directors. Production Yours Truly Creative Melodie Sisk, producer; Zachary Galler, DP, Tom McMillan, production designer; David Withrow, costume designer; Ash Cristian, line producer. Editorial PS260 Adam Epstein, editor; Colin Reilly, assistant editor; Evann Borgman, post producer. Sound Design Gene Park, sound designer. Postproduction Andrew Francis, colorist. Performers Mamoudou Athie, Natalia Prass, Arturo Castro, Debra Winger, Krystal Joy Brown, Jennifer Kim, Karley Sciortino

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