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Ringan Ledwidge Directs Nike's "The Switch" For W+K


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Jun. 15, 2016


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Ringan Ledwidge of Rattling Stick directed this short film conceived by Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, Ore., for Nike in which soccer star Christian Ronaldo collides with an English ball boy. The two wake up fully recovered--except in each other’s body.

Titled The Switch, the film follows the journey of Ronaldo and Charlie Lee as they have to learn how to become brilliant on the football field and elsewhere while dealing with new bodies, new teams, and even a new mom.


Client Nike Agency Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, Ore. Chris Groom, Stuart Brown, creative directors; Dylan Lee, copywriter; Pedro Izique, art director; Ross Plummer, Scot Kaplan, sr. producers; Matt Hunnicutt, executive producer; Jen Milano, post producer; Henry Lambert, Zack Kaplan, strategic planning; Matt Blum, Randall Garcia, Jessica Raddatz, studio design. Production Rattling Stick, Los Angeles Ringan Ledwidge, director; Joe Biggins, exec producer; Sally Humphries, line producer; Richard McIntosh, head of production; Matthew Libatique, DP. Editorial Work Editorial Rick Orrick, editor; Ben Corfield, assistant editor; Marlo Baird, exec producer; Brandee Probasco, post producer. VFX The Mill Dan Roberts, head of production; Anastasia Von Rahl, producer; Karina Slater, associate producer; Samantha Hernandez, coordinator; Sardor Kaziyev, production assistant; John Shirley, shoot supervisor, 3D lead artist; Robert Sethi, creative director; Phil Crowe, creative director, shoot supervisor; Chris Bayol, 3D lead artist; Tim Davies, Robin McGloin, Brad Scott, Daniel Thuresson, Martin Karlson, Greg VanZyl, Brett Lopinsky, Alex Candlish, Garethy Parr, Ed Laag, Scott Johnson, Tim Robbins, Remeby Huynh (Jeannie), Becky Foster; James Allen, Nick Tayler, Elliot Brennan, Don Kim, 2D artists; Blake Sullivan, Matt Bohnert, Annie Zhao, Bridget Warringtopn, Charles Storniolo, Jason Monroe, Mike Di Nocco, Monique Espinoza, Odel Palmer, Pedro Ignacio Gegundez Vicente, Tamara Garabedian, Cory Cosper, Patrick Warner, Terry Ziegelman, Siming Liu, Dan Warom, 3D artists; Jason Jansky, Michael Lri, Jenna Kind, Martin Rivera, Steven Olson, Samantha Pedregon, Katie Yancey, tracking; Gary Marschka, Matt Dobrez, Dylan Streiff, art support; Andy Wheater, matte painting; Patrick Kipper, design support; Greg Park, Justin Sucara, Viraj Ajmeri, Amy Graham, Clare Carellas, Andrew Procter (Mill+ CD), Manija Emran (Mill+ CD); Natalie Wozniak, editor assist. The Mill LA: Adam Scott, colorist; Thatcher Peterson, exec producer; Diane Valera, color producer; Jackson Rogers, color coordinator; Sam Ziaie, Ryan Crane, Brenton Africano, Asa Fox, assist. Mill London team: Gemma Humphries, exec producer; Alexandra Paton, workshare producer; George Reid, production assistant; Andrew Wood, Hitesh Patel, shoot supervisors; Tom Walter, head of operations; Grant Connor, 2D lead; Adam Droy, 3D lead; Ben Turner, Dan Williams, Gianluca Di Marco, Courtney Pryce, Adam Fenwick, Alex Snookes, Ahmed El-Azma, Soledad Martin, Rebecca Clay, 2D artists; Edward Hicks, Anthony Northman, Pedro Igancio Gegundez Vicente, Philip Maddock, Hugo Jackson, Jacob Gonzales, Andrew Bartholomew, Will Burdett, Finlay Crowther, 3D artists. Music Counter Records/Ninja Tune; David O’Bryan, creative director/partner; Tom Helton/The Heavy, arranger. Song: The Heavy, “Turn Up”  Longform Mix Technicolor Julian Slater, music/sound designer; Luke Schwarzweller, re-recording mix tech.

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