Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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Reynald Gresset Directs "Fairy Dadmother" For Chase, Droga5


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Apr. 6, 2016


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A man applies lipstick, blush, eye shadow and the like to his face, struggles into a pair of tights, then a frilly skirt, dons a wig of golden locks, a pair of angel wings and voile, we have a fairy dadmother ready to perform at a party--much to the delight of his young daughter who laughs joyously to see her pop looking more like her mom. Dads will indeed do anything for their daughters, including looking to the future and making financial plans for their children’s college education at Chase.

“Fairy Dadmother” is one of four films in Chase’s “Mastery 2.0” campaign from Droga5 New York. The films have all debuted online, with “Fairy Dadmother” airing on national TV. Reynald Gresset of production house Reset directed “Fairy Dadmother.”


Client Chase Consumer Bank Agency Droga5 New York David Droga, creative chairman; Ted Royer, chief creative officer; Don Shelford, group creative director;  Jonathan McMahon, Lisa Fedyszyn, associate creative directors; Oriel Davis-Lyons, Thom Glover, sr. copywriters; Mo Said, copywriter; Eoin McLaughlin, sr. art director; Beth O’Brien, Camilo De Galofre, art directors; Annette Berry, group design director; Sally-Ann Dale, chief creation officer; Ben Davies, head of broadcast production. Bryan Litman, executive broadcast producer; Perry Kornblum, broadcast producer; Archie Page, Jackie Omanoff, associate broadcast producers; Jonny Bauer, global chief strategy officer; Colm Murphy, group strategy director; Ned Sonnenschein, sr. strategist; Colleen Leddy, head of communications strategy; Sally Yoon, sr. communications strategist. Production Reset Reynald Gresset, director; Darren Lew, DP; Jen Beitler, Jeff McDougall, exec producers. Ayelet Weinerman, producer. Editorial Rock Paper Scissors Mikkel-Eg-Nielsen, editor; Alex H. Liu, assistant editor; Eve Kornblum, exec producer; Charlyn Derrick, producer. Postproduction The Mill Sean Costelloe, exec producer; Andrew Hamill, producer; Fergus McCall, colorist. Music “What A Man,” Linda Lyndell. Audio Sonic Union David Papa, mixer.



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