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Publicis Italia, Director Francois Rousselet "Go With The Flaw" For Diesel


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Sep. 11, 2017


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Diesel's 2017 fall/winter campaign from Publicis Italia celebrates imperfection, extolling us to “Go With The Flaw.” That theme is evident in this centerpiece campaign spot directed by Francois Rousselet via Division Film, Paris.

Known for its flawed denim, Diesel in this film shows us flawed models, underscoring that flawless is forgettable. The fashion models are the embodiment of flawed perfection, sporting teeth braces, cross-eyes, tattoos and other features that set them apart. They are seen in less than glamorous locations as well ranging from a beat-up trailer to seedy convenience stores. It’s time to break through conformity. 

During the mini-movie, Edith Piaf sings “Non, je ne regrette rien” as the cast embraces the uncomfortable aspects of their everyday lives--and rises above it, never looking back.
“I was fifteen years old when I made my first pair of jeans by hand. Of course they weren’t perfect. But that made them special--and unique, like everything we have done so far,” said Diesel founder Renzo Rosso. “I have always been more interested in imperfection, because it stands out from the crowd.”

“Being unique is much more beautiful than being perfect,” explained Diesel artistic director Nicola Formichetti, whose casting approach finds fascinating-looking people with interesting features, affirming the message of self-love.

Bruno Bertelli, worldwide CCO and Publicis Italia CEO, noted, “Diesel has made flawed denim a thing. It has always tackled mistakes and challenges head on and succeeded in focusing on what it has that others do not, all the while poking the world’s nonsense with a stick. That is what we continue to do in ‘Go With The Flaw.’ It is a reminder that our flaws help us stand out in a world that increasingly acts the same. Embracing our physical and character flaws, or the daily mishaps, or the awkward situations we get ourselves into is where the real fun and ‘successful living’ comes from.” 

Rousselet his directed music videos for Snoop Dogg, Madonna and The Rolling Stones.


Client Diesel Dario Gargiulo, chief marketing officer; Nicola Formichetti, creative director; Giada Gheno, global head of advertising, media and product marketing; Deborah Salbego, head of advertising and E-comm production. Agency Publicis Italia Bruno Bertelli, global chief creative officer worldwide, and Publicis Italia CEO; Cristiana Boccassini, executive creative director; Mios Obradovic, Mihnea Gheorghiu, global digital creative directors; Costanza Rossi, creative supervisor; Simone Di Laus, Cecilia Moro, art directors; Beatrice Mari, Fabio Caputi, copywriters; Cecilia Barberis, Matilde Bonanni, producers. Production Division Paris Francois Rousselet, director; Simon Chaudoir, DP; Jules De Chateleux, producer; Nicolas Larrouquere, editor; Davey Sutton, stylist. Postproduction/VFX MPC Timo Huber, VFX supervisor; Lydia Evitt, VFX producer; Richard Fearon, colorist. Music Design & Editing Grand Central Postproduction Studio Invisible

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